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君と羊と青 You, a Sheep, and Blue

I already knew now was the time, nobody had taught me but I knew how to shine.
The present in front of me was already in the colors of memories.

I heard miracles don’t just happen but are caused, so I pounded all the buttons I could lay my hands on.
I lived to the utmost doing my best, so the present started to wear out.

Those days where we ran freely throughout every human emotions in all directions,

The emotion I felt when I found you is moving me to the marrow of my bones even now.
This afterimage so bright I shut my eyes, is still waving hands towards the future from there.

Because the world left us behind, we neglected them equally.
And then, guess what, the world which felt lonely, wedged itself in.

The today me is best eaten by today. Rather than letting me to die and rot away,
You accepted the still blue me, that had fallen, without taking my stem.

You told me “You’re bitter, but it doesn’t matter”.
You said I was sour, but not too bad tasting.

Introduction, development, turn and conclusion, our days where we were greedy and stuffed our cheeks only with turns.
Days without a conclusion.

The emotion I felt when I found you is moving all my viscera and organs.
This afterimage so bright I shut my eyes is showing me where I should go.

Reality, dreams, eternity, the present and illusions all bunch up and toss me high in the air.
The ultramarine that dyed us that day is still wrapped beneath my skin.

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